AutoGate holds a UL 325 listing compliance as well as several U.S. Department of State certifications.  UL 325  certification deals with the manufacturing requirements which must be met to ensure safe operation.  More detailed information regarding these requirements as well as the certification itself can be found here. In addition, our anti-terrorism crash barrier system The Shield® holds a K-12/ASTM 2656-07 M50, K-8/ASTM 2656-07 M40, and a K-4/ASTM 2656-07 M30 rating with P1 penetration. Prior to Department of State (DOS) certification, vehicle barriers must be tested by an independent crash test facility to meet DOS standards.

Speed (K)

  • Penetration

The test specifies perpendicular barrier impact by a 15,000 lb. (6810 kg.) vehicle.

Certification Class Speed in mph Speek in kph
K-4/ASTM M30 30 mph 48 kph
K-8/ASTM M40 40 mph 65 kph
K-12/ASTM M50 50 mph 80 kph

To become certified with a Department of State “K” rating the 15,000 vehicle must achieve one of the K rating speeds (30 mph, 40 mph, or 50 mph) and the bed of the truck must not penetrate the barrier by more than 36 inches. The DOS has awarded contracts subject to this qualification or earlier versions of this qualification requirement since fiscal year 2000. When a product is submitted for department of State qualification testing, the product manufacturer must provide requested information before testing will begin. The manufacturer must arrange, schedule, and pay for the independent testing. Independent testing facilities are approved by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Physical Security Programs, Physical Security Division (DS/PSP/PSD). Certification testing must be witnessed by a member of the DS/PSP/PSD. The standards and requirements that a manufacturer (or its product) must satisfy in order to become qualified are found in the following documents:

  • Department of State (DOS) standard
  • SD-STD-02.01(latest revision)
  • Specification for Vehicle Crash Test of Perimeter Barriers and Gates and 12 FAH 5, Foreign Affairs Handbook