Barrier Gate Quote

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Gate Operator: Barrier

Low Voltage (12 or 24vdc) Residential and Light Commercial (Built in Battery Back-up)
120vac (Heavy duty - Will NOT operate during a 120vac power outage)

Arm Length: *


  • Close - Detects a vehicle has passed and closes the gate.
  • Free Exit - Automatically opens a gate upon exiting. NOT recommended for mini storage facilities.

Loop Detectors Only:

Loop Kits:

Drive Loop Types:

Note: Typically the inside loop can be used as a Reversing or Free Exit. If Reversing and a Free Exit are required, the Free Exit will be place farther back on the inside of the property. In either situation, (2) Detectors are required if you are using BOTH Reversing and Free Exit.

Note: Free Exit devices are not recommended for secured site applications.

Access Control Options

The following section is a generic list of all types of Access Control options. They can be mixed and matched to your specific requirements.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver (Like a garage door opener in a car)

Visor Quantity

Key Chain Quantity

Visor Quantity

Key Chain Quantity

Key Pads & Card Readers:

Number of Access Codes required:

Number of Magnetic Access Cards required:

Number of Proximity Access Cards required:

Phone System:

Number of codes required:

Emergency access options (First Responders dedicated access):

Select all that appy

SOS (Siren Operated Sensor. For EMERGENCY vehicle access)
Opticon (Triggered by emergency vehicle lights)
Click-2-Enter: Silent entry as well as all local law enforement with programmed frequencies
Fire Knox Lock Box (Fire Dept cuts the lock, opens the box and the gate opens)

Access Control Systems:

Number of codes required:

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