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Reversing Devices

Infrared Photo Beam
     (Transmitter and Receiver. Requires LV power on both ends. Detects pedestrians.)
Infrared Photo Beam (Wireless)
Photo Beam and Reflector
     (Only required LV power at operator end. Detects pedestrians.)
Safety Edge
     (Reverse gate upon contact with an object.)

Loop Detectors

Can be used for reversing, close, shadow, and free exit.

Loop Kits

Reversing Loop Dector and 2 loops
Detects a vehicle and reverses gate
Close Detector and 1 loop
Detects a vehicle has passed and closes the gate
Shadow Detector and 1 loop
Detects vehicle in gate path and holds open
Free Exit Loop Detector and 1 loop
Automatically opens a gate upon exiting
Other Free Exit Device

Drive Loop Type

X (Example 6 X 10)

Access Control Options

Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Similar to what is used for garage door openers
Requires a numeric code to be entered
Magnetic Card Reader
Swipe a magnetic card for entry
Proximity Card Reader
Wave card near the reader for entry
Phone System for commercial property/Gated Communities/Apartments
Requires dedicated phone line
Phone System for Single Residence
No additional phone line required

Access Control Systems

Basic Entry System
No computer software or printer. Maintain code by hand at keypad.
Standard Basic System
Maintenance software only. Maintain from a computer.
Deluxe System
Management software wtih additional software options.

Emergency Access Options

Siren operated sensor for emergency vehicle access
Light activated.
Silent entry as well as local law enforcement by programmed frequency.
Fire Knox Lock Box
Fire department cuts the lock and opens box and gate opens.

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