Slide and Swing gates are popular and have been around for decades.  If properly installed and serviced they can serve customers well many applications.  AutoGate Vertical Pivot systems have some clear advantages over slide & swing gates:

  • SAFER (more incidents and injuries occur on SLIDE gates versus other automatic gates)
  • QUICKER (Vertical Pivot gates open in 10-14 seconds, SLIDE and SWING are 1 ft/second)
  • SPACE SAVING (Vertical Pivot Gates require less space to open and close)
  • ADAPTABLE TO ANY TERRAIN (Curbs, Driveway Crowns/Swales, and Contours are No Problem for a Vertical Pivot Gates)
  • INCLEMENTAL WEATHER OPERATION (Vertical Pivot systems perform well in the cold and snow areas)
  • REPAIRABILITY (if impacted Vertical Pivot Gates are relativity easy to straighten and continue to work flawlessly)
  • COST ADVANTAGEOUS OVER TIME (Quicker and less expensive to install and a Lower cost of ownership)

Choosing a Vertical Pivot Gate over a swing or slide will be wise choice.