Quality, Durable & Reliable
Why Vertical Pivot Gate System?

Custom Gates

Fit your site challenges including Curbs, Swales, Contours, etc.

Space Saving

Pivots open 90°; less space is necessary for installation and operation.

Minimal Downtime

Minimal preventative maintenance for long life operation.

Cross-Climate Operations

Vertical Pivot Gates operate well in all conditions including extreme heat, cold and snow.

Peace of Mind

Stand alone System (24Vdc Built-in Battery Backup).

Environmentally Friendly

No hydraulics. Low power consumption, saving you money. An environmentally-friendly product.

Chainlink 300 & 300 + 1
Buckeye 500
Cornhusker 100
Barracuda 200
Catawba 400
Congress 600
Saratoga 700
Prestigious 800
Ohioan 900
Islander 1000

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