Standard VPG Gates

Standard 2D .dwg 3D from SketchUp

3D .dwg associated with BIM      


Our gates are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and are available in lengths to 20 feet steel or 24 feet aluminum. Our construction process uses a solid weld technique which is far superior in quality to tack welded gates. Each gate must pass a stringent quality control standard before it leaves our factory.


Cornhusker 100

Cornhusker 100 Security Gate



 Barracuda 200



 Chainlink 300 (no barb wire)



 Chainlink 300 + (with barb wire)



 Catawba 400

Catawba 400 Security Gate



 Buckeye 500

Buckeye 500 Security Gate



Congress 600

Congress 600 Security Gate



Saratoga 700

Saratoga 700 Security Gate


Prestigious 800

Prestigious 800 Security Gate



Ohioan 900

Ohioan 900 Security Gate



Islander 1000

Islander 1000 Security Gate