Rotech manufactures the Sentinel Australian Made boom gates and supplies a comparable range of imported boom gates to fill the need for special applications.

Sentinel heavy duty 100% duty cycle automatic boom gates:

  • Customisable Australian Made with parts + accessories easily accessible
  • In-built programmable logic controller, numerous parameters easily adjusted
  • Made to operate 4000 times a day with a duty cycle of 100%
  • Standard features include variable auto time close + delay on exit
  • Robust body built of 2mm zincanneal steel
  • Accessories of upto 3 loop detectors, warning lights and sirens can be added

Sector 12vdc automatic boom gate – Optional solar power:

  • Can run for as many as 3000 operations per day.
  • Vehicle + pedestrian safety is ensured with electronic safety sensing
  • Power outages are covered with a built in battery on standby
  • Operation with the use of solar power is an option
  • The timer is programmable for every day of the year.
  • A radio receiver is a standard inclusion
  • The controller with LCD display allows for quick + easy set up

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