Automatic Gate Resource Center Demystifies Driveway Gates for Consumers

Automatic Gate Resource Center a new online resource dedicated to educating consumers and connecting them with professional driveway gate installers to create beautiful and safe automatic gates, launched earlier this month to fill a conspicuous gap in its field.

“Every day we hear the same types of questions from new customers: ‘How much does an automatic gate system cost?’; ‘What type of gate would be best for my driveway?’; ‘I don’t even know what my options are,’ they’ll say,” shares Josiah Fuerte, co-founder of Automatic Gate Resource Center. “There hasn’t been a central place for consumers to easily find the answers. Before AGRC, everything available online was speaking in the language of a technician and not of a consumer,” he adds.

The most common question Fuerte hears from consumers is regarding cost.
“Even when consumers do manage to decipher the technical gate jargon they come across in their online research, they are hard-pressed to find a ballpark price for different automated gate systems,” he says; “It’s not uncommon for customers to have sticker shock because they had no idea what to expect going in to a meeting with a gate installer.”

Automatic Gate Resource Center (AGRC) was developed with the consumer front of mind. The site’s many articles answer questions most consumers have about gate systems, are written in a jargon-free style, and lead consumers by the hand through the, up-until-now, esoteric world of automated gates.

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