Choosing a security gate for your self-storage facility

When choosing the right security gate for your facility be sure to do your research. Gathering information on different gate systems will help determine what gate will work best. Here are three questions to consider when making your decision.

1. What type of gate works at the facility? There are many different types of automatic security gates that can be used. In general, sliding gate is the most widely used. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the research and find out what gate best fits your needs.

2. How will tenants enter and exit the property? Maybe you want a key pad and will give each tenant an access code. Or maybe you want to give tenants a card they must swipe to open the gate. Think about what works best for your facility and your tenants. Consider how your tenants will receive their gate information and what employee’s must do to give the correct codes.

3. Does the gate system interface with your self-storage business platform? This may be the most important question you should ask yourself. Check with your self-storage business platform to see what security gate programs they interface with. Many programs will allow their system to communicate with the gate so that it will recognize when a tenant should be locked out, or when a code is no longer valid.

Having a security gate is a decision every location should think over. There are many advantages to having a security gate for you and your tenants. Remember to do your research on the different types of security gates to determine the right gate for you.

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