D&D Technologies MagnaLatch ALERT gate latch and electronic alarm

D&D Technologies has developed the MagnaLatch ALERT, a combined gate latch and electronic alarm. The device offers a dual alarm system of flashing LED lights and an audible alarm to alert pool owners when a pool gate is left open.

The ALERT latch is designed so that on each entry or exit of a gate, a single beep is sounded. If the gate is left open, a second beep will sound after 10 s. After 15 s of the gate being left unlatched, the alarm siren begins to ramp up and LED lights begin to flash, providing pool owners with visual and audible alerts, even from inside the house.

The system is easily installed. The electronic alarm is powered by an integrated, replaceable battery, removing the need for wiring, electricians or special tools. By simply screwing the device onto the gate/fence, the safety gate latch and alarm system are installed.

Like all regular MagnaLatches, the ALERT model includes magnetically triggered latching, key lockable security (rekeyable by a locksmith to match house doors), a visible locked/unlocked indicator and a high degree of horizontal and vertical adjustment to ensure ongoing performance.

Not only does the MagnaLatch ALERT notify that a gate is not closed and secure, more importantly it warns that the gate is not properly latched. Until the latching mechanism is engaged, the alarms will flash and sound, even on fences where the gate may appear to be closed and safe.

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