Farrell: Automatic gates at Westbury repeatedly broken

Someone really wants to get into Westbury Park and the Estates at Westbury in Bluffton.

Over the past two months, the new automatic gates there — which replaced ones that were not in use for nearly a year — have been repeatedly damaged.

I say “someone” is doing this but, according to management, at least four someones have been identified thus far.

The gates at both entrances, however, have been broken more than just four times, residents say.

I went over to the neighborhood Friday and, sure enough, the entrance gate off U.S. 278 was bent backward, as if the driver who did it said “Hahaha. Nope,” and drove on through.

I am often a “Hahaha. Nope” person in life — the kind who disregards signs and rules that seem silly and ineffective — but never when it could cause damage to another person or their property … or, let’s face it, worse, me and my own.

So who are these people breaking the gates there? Are they too good for the gates?

Or are they too bad for entrance?

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