If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your property, and you already have fencing, or are planning to install fencing, your next consideration should be a security gate. But choosing the right gate can be tricky. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

The gate width. This may seem silly, and inconsequential, but the width of the gate can have a bearing on the price, and other factors. A wider gate will be more expensive in itself, as well as heavier, meaning your choice of motor may be affected. Then again, consider things like what kind of vehicles will be entering your property. I’ve heard stories of gates blocking the entry of fire trucks, because they were too narrow – not a good idea!

Next, consider what type of gate you want. Sliding gates are great, but if there is a slope on either side of your driveway or entrance, they can work out expensive, as you’ll need to “build up” the soil either side. Then again, remember that you will need a distance equal to the gate’s width on the opening side, in order to accommodate the gate! If there are trees, objects or buildings, a swing gate may be a better choice.

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