How to protect your home

WHILE many homeowners install some kind of a security system, it is vital they be more watchful to guarantee they do not fall victim to burglars.
Most home robberies happen while the house is unattended, or the homeowners are at work. It is therefore essential that homeowners execute proper security measures to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim to a home break-in or other risk factors, particularly if they are going away.

Neighbourhood Watch recommends the following tips for homeowners to ensure that their belongings are secure against thefts and other insurance risk factors:
• Keep alarm system updates and in working order. An inactive alarm system feature as one of the main reasons why criminals are able to enter a home undetected.
It is essential that homeowners test their alarm system regularly by activating it and checking if the batteries work if the power goes off.

• It is absolutely imperative that alarm systems are initiated whenever going out, or going to bed.

Ensure burglar gates are locked. Homeowners should install burglar bars on their windows to guarantee that thieves are not able to enter the house through any of them.

• Whenever homeowners go out they must make sure that all entries, windows and burglar gates are shut and locked.

• Change your schedule. It is a good idea to change your exit and return schedules. The use of automatic gate entrances will also guarantee that homeowners do not have to leave the safety of their vehicle in order to access the premises. When leaving the home, or getting out of the vehicle, it is important to wait until the gate is completely closed and you know that it is safe to exit.

• Don’t ignore your barking dog or dogs. if you have a dog it is imperative that you take note and action when they bark endlessly, or behave in a strange way. Pets, for the most part, respond differently around new individuals they do not trust. Therefore, it is important that homeowners always check why the dog is barking, as this could be that they are attempting to alarm you to possible criminal activity.

• Get to know your neighbour. The best home security comes from neighbours who look out for one another.
Make it a point to meet them so you can ask them to keep an eye on things while you’re away, even it is for a few hours. Exchange your contact numbers.

• Get involved with your Neighbourhood Watch because it is not only about keeping your possessions safe, but your family as well.

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