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AutoGate products are installed in all 50 states and in 15 foreign countries or provinces. We have an extensive dealer network across the US and Canada. Most dealers have a minimum service area of a two hour radius, but many travel greater distances and many work in multi-state locations. Please use the map below or call us to find a dealer near you. Enter your zip code and press "Enter" to search for dealers near you.
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  • Bill says:

    Looks like it will be a great show! They are trying something new this year with a 4 hour show and cocktail party from 5:00pm to 9:00pm! Can’t wait!

  • Amy says:

    This was an awesome show last year! This year is going to be exciting as well.

  • Bill says:

    Great Show! Ran into many new dealers who wanted to learn about our Vertical Lift operator and our Crash Gate the SHEILD.

    Many of our current dealers were not aware we had recently tested and passed our newest design the Shallow Foundation crash gate. It is rated at K4/M30, which means it will atop a 15,000 lb. truck traveling at 30mph.

    The hole is only 20″ deep and will be very impactful in downtown cities where we can not dig down very deep because of all the utilities.

    We are already looking forward tot he next show in Las Vegas in April

  • Steve says:

    Fully expect this year to be as good or better. This show is a can’t miss event!

  • Steve says:

    Like the new changes you guys are making. Can’t wait until the 90° motor configuration launches. Best wishes AutoGate!

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