How Much Does a Driveway Security Gate Cost?

Security Gate Prices
A driveway gate allows you to control who enters your property and provides your family with an extra layer of security. In this buying guide you’ll learn more about driveway security gates, including how much they cost.

Types of Driveway Gates
If you’re thinking about installing a home security gate, there are a number of major options to consider. They include the following:

  • Manual or Automatic: Most homeowners who take the initial effort to install a home security gate opt for one that opens automatically via remote control, keypad, voice recognition, sensor recognition, or some combination of these automated mechanisms. Manual gates, although they cost less than automatic security gates, require somebody to physically unlock the gate, which can be inconvenient. With both types of security gates, it is common to have an intercom system for communication with guests.
  • Construction: Similar to fencing materials, residential driveway gates are commonly constructed from aluminum, iron, steel, wood, or vinyl. Gates are either single panel or dual panel.
  • Swinging or Sliding: Both single and dual panel residential security gates can either swing or slide open. The width of your driveway could determine which option works best. A manual sliding driveway gate, because it is more difficult to force open, provides better security than a manual swinging gate.

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