Procter Automatic Gates supports Gate Safety Week 2015

Procter Automatic Gates, a UK leader in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic swing, sliding, telescopic and bi-folding gates, is supporting Gate Safety Week (12-18 October 2015). This annual initiative by the Powered Gate Group of the DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) raises public awareness of the dangers of using poorly installed or maintained powered gates, with the aim of preventing any further deaths or injuries.

Gate safety is a priority for Procter Automatic Gates, which is a business unit within Procter Contracts, a division of Procter Bros Ltd. As a founding member of the Door and Hardware Federation’s Powered Gate Group (PGG), Procter has been at the forefront of the organisation’s drive to increase the safety of automatic gates.

The PGG itself was established in response to Health & Safety Executive requests, and has since worked with the HSE to prepare a Guide to Gate Safety and develop a comprehensive training programme. Procter was one of the first companies to attain PGG Safety Assured installer status, with five personnel being certified to inspect and assess gate safety.

For Gate Safety Week 2015, Procter Automatic Gates will be launching a new edition of its popular Powered Gates Risk Assessment Calculator, featuring a new facility for undertaking risk assessments on new and existing telescopic gates.

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