Sliding Driveway Gates or Swing Gates?

If you are thinking of installing driveway gates should they be swing gates or sliding driveway gates? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and there is no easy answer, but there are several logical answers to this question. The “no easy” part because many have their minds made up before asking – the often simply want their thoughts confirmed. This may or may or may not achieve that!

Each of these options has it benefits and drawbacks. Sliding driveway gates take up less overall area than swing gates, but they are frequently not feasible – because while they use less overall area, they take up more lateral space. Is this available – that is one question! Let’s discuss that first.

Sliding Driveway Gates Vs Swing Driveway Gates

A: Available Space

Swing Driveway Gates: A swing gate takes a lot of area in your drive. You also have the question whether or not one gate will do the job or if you need two – the latter looks good, is usually more expensive than a single gate. You require sufficient clearance on the side that opens to accommodate the gate through its entire swing.

One thing to keep in kind here is that where at all possible, swing gates should always open inwards, towards your drive, rather than out from it. If the gate swings outward then you must have available space off the road to be able to accommodate vehicles that are waiting for the gate to open towards them.

If your driveway is wider than 12 ft. across, then you are advised to use two swing gates. Otherwise one will likely suffice. While the concept of double gates seems attractive to many people, never use them unless it is essential. They may look better than a single gate, but they cost more in capital and in maintenance costs, and are also more awkward to control. Single gates are easier to operate with electric gate openers, or as automatic driveway gates, then double gates.

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