Sliding and swing gate openers with clever design, cutting edge engineering that perform at high speed. Safety and efficiency are guaranteed with electronic sensing and flexible opening + closing speeds in-built.

Sliding Gates Openers

D5 Evo High Speed Operator for Commercial Applications

• Suitable for gates of 500kgs with battery back up
• Opens safely in 16 seconds.
• Easy programming + set up via the instinctive LCD menu
• Opening + closing speeds are separately adjustable
• A 365 day timer is one of many programmable elements

D10 & D10 Turbo High Speed Heavy Duty Operators for Industrial Sites

• Will operate on gates up to 1000kg
• The D10 opens 6 metre industrial gate in 14 seconds – the D10 Turbo can open the gate in 8 seconds
• Memorises 500 individual remotes that can then be deleted individually with the in-built radio receiver
• The motor is 24vdc and has battery backup.
Opening + closing speeds can be controlled separately

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