Solar Power Automatic Gates

Imagine getting out of your truck or car each time you arrive “home” finally after a long day in town or hauling loads across the countryside or mountains. You’re back, but you’re not really there yet. You have to stop your car, get out and unlock the gate or just loosen the chain. Swing the gate open and maybe tie it up, then you get back into your car, drive through and park again. Get out and close the gate. That’s five steps total and that’s a waste of gas (whether your car is idling or using extra energy to stop and start twice). It’s no wonder that electric gate openers are in widespread use across the country. Much like a garage door, these devices usually rely on a car battery to prop the gate open and then close it 30 seconds later. They are secure, reliable, and they save a lot of energy.

These gates use car batteries in most cases because they are cheap, convenient and much easier to place than wires running from the main house. The jump from standalone batteries to trickle charged batteries operating off of a small panel took less than a nanosecond. Trickle charging is one of the best ways to charge batteries, adding to their lives, and the panels don’t have to be too large to make it all work. Just like the panels you might see on roadside emergency phones, lights and even trashcans, these work great for solar powered driveway gates.

Just below are several images and descriptions of these solar powered gate systems.

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