‘Unsecured’ Gate Causes Another Security Lapse at JFK

The New York Post has recently obtained a secret memo revealing new security lapses at the JFK airport, including an “unsecured” gate on the fence protecting the airport’s giant fuel pipeline.

According to the Post, the blunder was discovered on Wednesday, only days after a man climbed the 8-fence perimeter fence and walked across two runways without detection, although no one knows just how long the gate was left vulnerable. Security cameras around it were either malfunctioning or not designed to pick up the image, says the memo, which was also written on Wednesday.

The Gate 112 was discovered unsecured by a police officer, who then notified higher-ups and then “secured lock on fence,” the memo says. After a security camera operator was informed of the location of Gate 112, it was determined that no camera was able to observe the Gate 112 area.

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