VPL-CB24-30SM Test a Success!

On March 25th, 2014 AutoGate successfully tested our VPL-CB24-30SM Shallow Mount Crash system.  The 15,000lb test truck impacted our barrier arm at 33 mph and as expected the truck was immediately stopped and disabled.  As such, we received the highest possible rating per the ASTM standard of F2656-07; M30 with a penetration rating of P1.
With an installation depth of only 20” the system we developed provides a high security product installed at a fraction of the depth required by traditional active barrier systems.  It is ideal in high water tables, avoiding utilities & fiber-optic site interference.  It is designed to be used for both perimeter high security and vehicular traffic control.   Proven low maintenance, high cyclic/high volume operation, and low cost of ownership.  It is completely electric (no hydraulics) and is battery backed-up for  hundreds of cycles in the event of AC power loss.