What are the Benefits of Having a Maintenance Contract for My Electric Driveway Gate? 

Ok, we’ll level with you: The installation of electric driveway gates is not a cheap proposition. Because of this, it only makes sense to keep your investment in as good a condition as possible to extend the life of the equipment and reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs.


Costs are all over the board depending on how many gates are to be serviced, how frequent the service is to be provided, and how many additional benefits are provided by the service company (discounted or free replacement parts, for instance). In general, you can assume that preventative maintenance contracts will cost between $150 and $250 per gate, per maintenance visit.

The Basics

There are many benefits of regular maintenance. Parts that should be lubricated receive lubrication to prevent potential mechanical issues. Wire connections are kept tightened, preventing potential electrical issues. All equipment, including safety devices, are tested for proper functionality and adjusted as needed to prevent possible failures and unsafe conditions.

Driveway gates installation and repair companies can offer many different types of maintenance contracts.

Maintenance contracts range widely in the type of coverage they offer. We’ll focus on what we’re calling “basic contracts” and “platinum contracts” in this article, but know that anything and everything in between might be available as well.

You may opt for a basic contract, which only offers one maintenance visit a year, or you may opt for all the bells and whistles such as a platinum package. This might include quarterly visits, discounts on service calls, and discounts on parts, or even no cost replacements of any items that are damaged.

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