Working on powered gates – warning to electricians

Electricians who carry out work on powered gates run the risk of criminal prosecution under health and safety legislation – even if the wiring and other electrical work undertaken follows the regulations and is to a high standard.

The warning comes from the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) Powered Gate Group which represents the leading UK manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of powered automatic gates and automation equipment.

Liability for the operating safety of an automated gate can rest with the last person who has carried out work on that particular gate. If the gate is unsafe for a reason unconnected with its electrical operation – because its crushing or impact forces are too high, for example – then an electrician who has worked on the gate could still be responsible for its overall safety.

This is because he is under a legal duty to ensure the gate is left in a safe condition when repair or maintenance work of any sort has carried out, explains the DHF Powered Gate Group.

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