Whether you live in a gated community already, your home is in an area that requires bars on the windows, or your neighborhood is fairly average with relatively low crime rates, you might be keen, for one reason or another, to add another level of security to your home. This could mean adding deadbolts to your doors, installing a home alarm system, mounting motion-sensor floodlights and surveillance cameras, and upgrading to an electric garage door. But you might also want to consider installing a high fence and a security gate that requires your permission for entry. Whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, trying to keep paparazzi at bay, fending off a stalker, or merely taking your home security seriously, a driveway security gate could help you to feel safe in your own home, which is the best reason of all to get one. But here are a few other benefits you’ll enjoy when you add this security feature to your home.

1. Stop unwanted visitors. If you’re tired of having to open the door to solicitors trying to sell you magazine subscriptions, salon packages, or religion of some sort, having a driveway security gate will stop them from ever reaching your front door. Ditto on nosy neighbors and family and friends that pop by whenever they feel like it. Okay, you’re starting to sound a bit reclusive now. But your home is your castle, and every castle needs a drawbridge to hold the hordes at bay. If you value your privacy, there’s really no reason not to get a security gate to deter the riffraff.

2. Child and pet safety. It’s not unheard of for kids to get snatched from their own front lawn. Even more common is kids that run into the street in pursuit of a runaway toy and end up suffering accidents and injuries as a result. Ditto on pets, although in some cases your gate will work the other way, protecting visitors from an unfortunate run-in with your guard dog. If you want to keep your dependents as safe as possible but you’re not keen to keep them locked inside 24/7, this is a good way to give them a longer leash, so to speak, with less fear of harm from the outside world.

3. Increase property value. You’re not the only person who likes the idea of this added security feature, and installing a driveway security gate on your property can definitely make it more valuable. Not only can it increase your asking price, but it could serve to make your property a lot more desirable to certain buyers.

4. Whole-home security. If what you’re looking for is a comprehensive security system for your property, a driveway security gate can act as your first line of defense, allowing you to spot potential threats in plenty of time to take action, calling the authorities and getting out of harm’s way. Other features like deadbolts and an electric garage door can also play a role, but it starts with the gate in your driveway.

5. Peace of mind. Companies like Vivint, ADT, and Brinks can definitely provide you with an increased sense of security thanks to alarm systems, but by the time an intruder is in your home, you may not be able to escape the threat. With ABC garage doors and gates you have a lot more time on your side, and that can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your home and your family safe. As a result, you’re bound to sleep a lot better at night.