Gate opener safety tips – Make your driveway safer

Most customers have a tendency to ask for systems with no safety features in order to get the reduced price for their gate opener. However, when they are informed about the possible dangers that come with the operation of such systems they will opt for the adding of safety features.

The purpose of this blog is to stress the most important aspects of Gate operating systems that both owners and inspectors need to pay attention to:

1. First of all, stand clear! While the motorized gate is operational/moving DO NOT try to enter or squeeze through! Injuries caused by entrapment by sliding or swinging gates can be severe and even fatal! Until the moment the motorized gate comes to a complete stop keep yourself and other people, animals or objects away from it and by all means DO NOT allow anyone to ride on top of it!

2. Make sure your system possesses a Listing Mark. Even before purchase and most certainly before installation of your automatic gate system check your product to make sure it is safety tested and if it complies with the UL 325 Standard for Safety. The listing mark on your product should belong to a recognized company such as “UL” or ”ETL”.

3. Perform a visual inspection. Before operating a newly installed motorized gate system visually confirm that all of the moving parts of your system such as rollers, brackets and fasteners are properly put together, aligned and lubricated where necessary. In addition, inspect your system for proper entrapment sensors (photoeyes, edge sensors…). All the entrapment sensors included in your system should operate independently of each other.

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