It’s a dark and stormy night and your power has gone out. You’re in need of fresh flashlight batteries and decide to head to the store to pick a few up, along with a pint of ice cream to enjoy while you wait for internet access or DVR to come back on.

There’s just one problem: You’re looking at a closed gate and wondering how you’re going to get your car off your property and on the road to ice cream… and batteries.

Open Sesame

When the lights go out, if your driveway gate was installed by a competent automatic security gate installer, then one of three things should happen.

Either the gate will automatically open and stay open until the power comes back on;
The gate will continue to function as normal until there is not sufficient backup power and will then stay open until the power comes back on;
Or the gate will default to the unlocked position, allowing you to open it by hand without any tools or keys..

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