What are the Different Types of Driveway Gates?

When you first decide to have an automatic gate installed, you may feel like you’re delving into a world of cryptic and esoteric lingo that all sounds like something out of The DaVinci Code or just plain ole gobbledygook. Couple that with the many choices and considerations you must muddle through and it might all start to seem too much.

Let’s demystify this Klingon Gate language so that you can start to decide on the type of gate that would work best for your project.

This article is a bit involved so let’s break the general categories down first. We’ll discuss:

Slide Gates;
Swing Gates;
Barrier Gates;
Vertical Pivot Gates;
and Vertical Lift Gates.
So now that we’ve introduced you to the general gate “ice cream flavors”, be on the lookout for some “toppings”, so to speak. The “toppings”, in this case, are that there are different gate types in each category. For example, you’ll find that there is more than one type of slide gate.

Don’t worry, though, this is all a piece of cake and soon enough you’ll be a well-informed consumer, speaking the very same Klingon Gate language of your gate installer, and communicating your needs to him or her with ease.

Now let’s dive into the differences of each gate type, and learn what makes each gate a preferred option for different applications.

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