How Much Does it Cost to Install a Security Gate?

A security gate at the entrance to your driveway or property is a great addition to your home if you are looking for that extra peace of mind that your home and family are protected. Also, a driveway security gate gives you more privacy since no one can walk up to your home unannounced. You may be concerned that a security gate is outside of your budget. Here are a number of factors that will affect the cost of installing a security gate
Manual Gate

Manual gates cost the least, but require that they be physically opened by someone once it is determined that the visitor or resident can enter. Manual gates can be constructed with an intercom system so that the visitor can speak with someone at the home. A manual security gate may be the option for someone who will be primarily using the gate for privacy and would use it when entering and leaving their own property rather than greeting guests
Automatic Gate

A more expensive but more convenient option is an automatic gate that opens via remote control, keypad or voice sensor. Automatic gates allow for people to come and go and the homeowner not be required to physically open and close the gate upon arrivals and departures.
Gate Construction and Materials

The material you use for your security gate will affect the price as well. Residential driveway gates are commonly constructed from aluminum, iron, steel, wood, or vinyl. Gates are either single panel or dual panel. A dual panel gate is, of course, more expensive than a single panel gate, and an iron gate will far out price a vinyl one. Decide on the level of security and the aesthetic look you desire and then compare prices of the gates that fit what you are seeking.

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