New Parking Technology Paying Off

DURHAM, NC – Almost two years into a multiphase project to roll out an enhanced parking system across campus, results show more efficient use of garages and lots while freeing up availability for employees.

Installation of the new, hands-free access system, which began in February 2014, is about 75 percent complete. So far, 30 parking lots and garages have the new system. The GC and H lots are expected to be online by early March, with the Bryan Center Parking Garage and the Card and 705 Broad St. lots rounding out the project in 2016.

New entry and exit lanes at lots and garages feature radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, which raises a gate without needing to reach out to swipe a permit. The improvements are part of a larger plan to upgrade services for better tracking of parking usage and behaviors, which will enable Duke to tailor its resources better.

“Because we have better usage data, we have a better ability to manage our spaces,” said Carl DePinto, director of Duke’s Parking and Transportation Services. “Our reporting capabilities are down to each lane or each hour across lots at Duke.”

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