I Want an Interesting / Artistic Gate Design — How Do I Accomplish This?

Have visions of a herd of elephants crossing The Serengeti that you’d like to see emblazoned in bronze on the face of your driveway gate?

Know that you’d like a gate that expresses your unique style but have little idea of the options you can choose from?

There’s no reason you have to settle for an “out of the box” gate that looks just like your neighbor’s; and your neighbor’s neighbor’s; and… well, you get the idea. Your driveway gate can be an extension of your home’s architectural style or your decorating style.

Start Here

Start by perusing our extensive gallery of automated driveway gate pictures from around the world. This can give you a good idea of what can be done or help you narrow down your design ideas.

Tap in to Your Creativity

Use your imagination. There isn’t much that can’t be done. If it can be drawn, it can probably be built.

All gates start with a steel or aluminum frame. From there is where the fun begins. The infill of the gate can be pretty much anything. Tempered glass? Yep. Stained glass? Yep. Exotic hard woods? Absolutely. New modern stainless steel cabling with colored LED accents? Sure, why not. With the right frame and hardware, you could even have a gate that resembles a moving rock wall (like Batman’s Bat Cave).

There is nothing that can’t be done (at least we’ve never run across a design that couldn’t be made real).

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