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With the crime rate sky rocketing today, people demand for reliable home security systems to protect their homes. No matter where you live in – city or suburb, we risk losing our possessions and lives even if we stay at home all day! Burglaries have become increasingly common that we lost our interest when reading THE ADVANTAGES OF AUTOMATED GATES

Ultimate guide: Most common problems with automated gate openers & Ten golden rules

Installing automatic electric gates is not that easy. It is a really complicated process and this is why it is extremely important for the future owners to know what they will use the gate for. They should thoroughly explain to the technician what the purpose of that gate will be so that the technician could Ultimate guide: Most common problems with automated gate openers & Ten golden rules

Home Security Automatic Gates

As a homeowner, few things are more important than safety and security, whether referring to the entry and exit points of your home or community at large. Unfortunately, millions of homes and communities are at risk, with 1 in 15 garages and 3 out of 4 gate systems lacking the latest safety features, which ensure Home Security Automatic Gates

Solar Power Automatic Gates

Imagine getting out of your truck or car each time you arrive “home” finally after a long day in town or hauling loads across the countryside or mountains. You’re back, but you’re not really there yet. You have to stop your car, get out and unlock the gate or just loosen the chain. Swing the Solar Power Automatic Gates

Locking Automatic Gates

Whether your driveway gate is an automatic slide or swing gate, a magnetic lock adds another layer of security that is more than worth the increased cost of having one installed as part of an electric gate system. Chain drive slide gates are quite easy to defeat. A criminally minded person only has to hop Locking Automatic Gates

Slide Automatic Gates

As its name implies, a slide gate either slides on wheels from left to right or right to left. In order to accommodate a slide gate, on either the right or left of the gate, you must have space that is at least equal to the width of your driveway, and then some. Imagine you Slide Automatic Gates

Automatic Security Gates

Automatic driveway gates provide a measure of security for home and ranch driveways, keeping unwanted cars from entering the property and opening via remote control or keypad. But how much does a driveway gate cost? Read more: Automatic Security Gates