Shutters going up as Scunthorpe school steps up security

A Scunthorpe school is planning to add steel to its security measures.

A 2.4m high metal barrier around the premises will counter break-ins and thefts and ensure pupils’ continuing safety.

The new security fencing is planned at Oasis Academy Parkwood, on Plymouth Road.

The main gates for pedestrians and vehicles will be “automatic powered” and include an intercom fob system with controls housed in a brick enclosure near the gates.

A statement submitted in support of the school’s application for planning permission says: “The existing boundaries are approximately 1.2m high to the majority of the site perimeter with the exception of the north and west boundaries which are 1.8m steel palisade fences.

“The lower boundaries provide no security to the school premises. Access can be easily gained by climbing the boundaries.

“There have been numerous breaches of the boundaries, resulting in break-ins and thefts from the school.

“Of primary importance is the safety and welfare of the children when on the school premises and to this end the academy policy is to install 2.4m security fencing to all of their sites.”

The school’s principal, Tracey Norriss, told the Scunthorpe Telegraph that fencing all needed replacing and would ensure “safe-guarding.”

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